A gruesome altercation turned deadly inside of one Texas School. An encounter between two students escalated inside Belton High School this week. Caysen Tyler Allison and Joe Ramirez were both students at Belton High School. Early Wednesday morning the two boys were involved in a serious situation.

Violence Inside Belton High

Caysen is accused of stabbing Joe Ramirez inside school premises during school. According to the school district in Belton, "An altercation took place between two students in a bathroom and that's what led to the stabbing."

Caysen Tyler Allison fled from the school campus after the stabbing. However, police were able to find him and take him into custody.

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Scared Students and Parents

Parents received word about a shutdown as soon as the stabbing was discovered.

One parent expressed her concerns, "This shouldn't have happened in our school but im glad they did let the parents know what was going on."

Another terrified parent revealed a text message from her son who is a student at Belton High, "got the text from my son saying they're barricaded in the room but they're safe. So what does a mom do? We panic"

An incredibly scary situation for students and parents. A reunification center was set up for parents to pick up their students after the suspect was detained.

Deadly Situation

The victim Joe Ramirez was taken to the hospital in very critical condition. Later, through social media, it was revealed Joe's wounds were too severe and he could not be saved. The teen passed away from his injuries. Our condolences go out to the family of the Texas teen boy, it is an incredibly scary situation no parent ever wants to be involved in.


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