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Deshaun Watson is in hot water as more and more sexual assault victims are coming forward with allegations against the Houston Texan football player. The lawsuits have grown to a total of seven, according to Tony Buzbee law firm.

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In one suit against Deshaun, the case details some of the victim's memories of the situations Watson put her through. In one account, Deshaun insisted on disrobing himself in the presence of the masseuse, who felt uncomfortable being in the same room. Once stripped of his clothing, Deshaun stood naked instead of covering himself like it is customary to do. The victim claimed Watson aggressively dictated the session, instructing her to focus on his thigh and buttock areas. When he turned onto his back, he revealed an erection and asked the victim what she was going to do about it. The suit revealed the victim currently suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.

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The other suits follow a similar pattern. The lawsuit claims football players' behavior is "part of a disturbing pattern of preying on vulnerable women.” Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing all seven victims, took to his Instagram account to tease a screenshot which he believes exposes Watson as guilty.

You can see Watson scheduling his appointment and discussing what his focus points are. The next screenshot brings into question something fishy. Watson apologizes for making the woman feel uncomfortable; the question is, what line did he cross?

Some people believe he is being set up after trying so hard to leave the Texans(who are adamantly and so unwilling to let him go.) Deshaun Watson is adamant that he is innocent and is continuing to defend his innocence.

NBC Sports via YouTube

Either way, this guy looks like his career might be tarnished after all this scandal. The suits pointed out, "the NFL is notorious for a culture that fosters sexual harassment and sexual assault." Only time will tell if more victims come forward.

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