Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber's highly anticipated collaboration has arrived.

On Thursday (November 19), the pop stars shared a video teaser for their collaboration, "Monster," previewing a music video for the upcoming single. The video shows clips of different spooky and eerie locations paired with a haunting melody.

The song itself is a smooth pop and R&B-influenced jam about growing up in the uncertainty of the spotlight. The video begins with Mendes walking in a cemetery at night. Mendes climbs a set of stairs alongside a large white block, while Bieber appears in the fog to sing his verse and join Mendes on top of the block. Lightning begins flashing and the camera circles the pair before the song concludes.

Watch the emotional music video, below.

"Monster" is off Mendes' upcoming fourth studio album, Wonder.

“I wrote an album. It’s called Wonder," he shared in a letter to fans. "It really feels like a piece of me has been written down on paper and recorded into song. I tried to be as real and as honest as I’ve ever been. It’s a world and a journey and a dream and an album I’ve been wanting to make for a really long time."

In addition to his album, Mendes will release a Netflix documentary, Shawn Mendes: In Wonder, on Monday (November 23).

Learn the Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber "Monster" lyrics, below.

Verse 1: Shawn Mendes
You put me on a pedestal and tell me I'm the best
Raise up into the sky until I'm short of breath
Fill me up with confidence, I say what's in my chest
Spill my words and tear me down until there's nothing left
Rearrange the pieces just to fit me with the rest, yeah

Chorus: Shawn Mendes
But what if I, what if I trip?
What if I, what if I fall?
Then am I the monster?
Just let me know
And what if I, what if I sin?
And what if I, what if I break? Yeah
Then am I the monster?
Just let me know, yeah

Verse 2: Justin Beiber
I was fifteen when the world put me on a pedestal
I had big dreams shows and making memories
Made some bad moves trying to act cool, upset by their jealously
Lifting me up (lifting me up), lifting me up (yeah)
And tearing me down (down), tearing me down (down, down)
I'll take responsibility for everything I've done (yeah)
Holding it against me like you're the holy one, yeah

Bridge: Justin Bieber
I had a chip on my shoulder, had to let it go
'Cause unforgiveness keeps them in control
And now I really wanna know

Repeat Chorus: Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber

Outro: Shawn Mendes
Da da da, da da da da
Please don't let me fall
Oh, please don't let me fall

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