When I first saw artist Sia in a photo years ago, she was wearing her one of her iconic wigs which usually covers a large part of her face, namely her eyes. As eyes are considered the windows to the soul, the photo left me to wonder if Sia was making a fashion statement or was it something deeper. What was Sia all about  wondered.

In May when Sia announced she had adopted two teen boys from foster care, she showed me, and the rest of the world something more revealing than her eyes... she revealed her heart. " They were aging out of the foster care system." Sia offered, " I love them."

Recently Sia joined J-Si and Ana on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and gave us another look at the woman under the wig. Sia reveals for the first time that her next album will be called "Reasonable Woman." Perfect for a MOM! LOL  You can hear that interview here.

Check out the new Sia song, " Together" on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show here as well.  And for the LATEST in music news just like this, download the Q-92 app!

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