An intersection with a dangerous reputation in the Crossroads will be getting a makeover. shared the story of the city council's approval of plans to revamp the Houston Highway and Stolz intersection in Victoria.

The intersection is just east of the HEB on Houston Highway. Over the last couple of years, there have been more than a couple of nasty accidents at this intersection. The council gave the green light to a re-design plan back in October which includes a signal light (stoplight) and a $340,000 price tag. TxDot grants will help take care of some of the costs.

Start dates and end dates for the project have not been confirmed or announced but in a world of neverending road work, we can expect to see things underway soon. Be sure to take it easy when you head over to H-E-B once the construction starts.

This also leads us to another question. What are the worst intersections in Victoria? Is this one on your list? Can you think of other intersections that could benefit from a re-design to make our city safer? We would love to know what you think. Drop us a comment in the comments section on social media, or hit us up on our free station app. You can text in which intersection you avoid like the plague!

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