Skinny jeans may be fashionable, but if they are too skinny they may cause permanent nerve damage.

That is the downside of being trendy according to Karen Boyle, a doctor at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. In fact, folks who like to keep things tight on their bottom half run the risk of developing a condition with a scary name.

This disorder is called Miralsha Parasthetica,” Boyle explained. “And it’s a disorder that occurs when one of the nerves that runs in the outer part of a thigh gets compressed. The pressure on it causes symptoms of tingling, numbness and pain in the outer part of the thigh.”

If you catch Miralsha Parasthetica early, and start wearing looser pants, the symptoms should go away. But if you continue to be a slave to fashion the damage can be permanent.

Boyle added that the pelvic tilt which results from wearing high heels with skinny jeans makes the disorder even worse.

Of course, it isn’t just ladies who wear skinny jeans these day — hipsters and emo types of both genders are known to shoehorn themselves into denim. In fact, between this and the recent report which linked side bangs to lazy eye, it’s getting harder and harder to be a scene kid.