Over a year ago 7-year-old Sophie Madrid was involved in a car crash that changed her life forever.

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"There was a man driving on the wrong side of the road,” said Clarissa Madrid-Montoya, Sophie’s mother said. “He hit us… head-on,” she explained.

The traumatic crash broke Clarissa's ankle but even worse, it damaged Sophie's spinal cord leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.


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The first couple of months were extremely hard for Sophie, she had to relearn how to do everything.
"It's not fair. She's only seven years old and she's in a wheelchair. It's not fair,” Clarissa said.


This 7-year-old is a shining star, regardless of her mobility. "She gets up and she fights every single day. She does not quit. It's crazy seeing that coming from a child," Clarissa said. Sophie teamed up with the crew at Permian Basin Rehab Center where they have been watching Sophie push herself harder than most adults you know.

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When Sophie went into rehab she was in a full back and neck brace. Now she's mastering her life in a wheelchair, even enjoying activities she used to, like baseball.

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"Letting her realize that yes, you can do this. You're ok. We're going to be right here to help you and make her aware of how much she can do herself,” Paula Diffy, a physical therapist at PBRC said
Sophie's mom gushes about how inspiring her young daughter is and why she continues to push, "I didn't want her to be stuck in that mentality that, ok I'm limited so I can't do this. Now it's like, no, I'm going to do this and I'm going to figure out how to do it,” Clarissa said.

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The team at PBRC continues to work with Sophie and watch her surpass their expectations, "It's not the end. It's only the beginning. We are going to help you get as far as you possibly can to embrace your full life,” Diffy said.

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