On the heels of news that he's been arrested for violating his probation, Soulja Boy has been threatened with a lawsuit by an Alabama promoter. On Saturday (April 13), TMZ reported William Hicks is gearing up to slap the rapper with court papers over a no-show last weekend.

Hicks claims he paid SB a $8,750 down payment for the gig back in January but the rapper pulled out just hours before the show was to take place. Hicks wants the rapper to pay him $25,000 for not making the performance or he is taking Big Soulja to court.

Soulja Boy is once again behind bars.

TMZ reports that the rapper was arrested on Thursday (April 11) after a judge ruled that he'd violated his probation related to weapons charges. The judge says Soulja violated his probation by both having ammunition in his house and trying to falsify evidence that would've proved he'd completed the mandatory community service he'd been sentenced to. He is being held without bail.

This news arrives just a bit less than a month after Soulja was arrested because police found ammunition in his house during a search they conducted when he was away from his California home in February. Soulja's probation is related to an instance where police found a weapon in his home in 2016. By that time, a judge had already ruled that he wasn't allowed to have firearms, so his probation was then extended.

While he did have to spend a short time behind bars, he was ultimately released the same day. Upon his release, he even made some time to joke about the situation.

"Big Draco, I'm out of jail, nigga!" he screamed in a video he uploaded hours after his arrest. "This shit ain't gonna stop, bruh! You got me fucked up! I had the biggest comeback in 2018!"

Soulja Boy's next hearing is reportedly set to take place on April 30. XXL has reached out to Soulja's team for comment.

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