In a time where we see so much, doom and gloom on our social feed it's always nice to see something positive and encouraging on your feed.  Meet Saralynn Johnson from Flour Bluff I.S.D. Saralynn made mum for special needs kids in her school.

As reported by KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi, this was a joint project with Saralynn and her mom. 'we stayed up really late and put the mums together and we did it!' she adds, "It made me feel excited, I was ready to go on, and have the football game, I was ready for the pep rally, I was ready."  She hopes that this act of kindness will spark others to do the same.

This type of support is so heartwarming to see. This small act of kindness makes some who sometimes feel left out be included. Just look at the smiles on the faces of the recipients of the mums.  This is an incredible young lady! View the full story below.

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Speaking of Texas mum, I think we have found the most Texas mum out there. This mum comes out of the big city of Magnolia, Texas. This was posted on one of the many Whataburger groups I follow on Facebook. Yes, I know I am a loser.

I reached out to Terri on Facebook to get permission to use this photo and had a chance to chat with her.  Terri Guiles is from Magnolia, Texas, and is a full-time school teacher that makes mums during the Homecoming season to earn a little extra cash for Christmas, and from the looks of it, she is AWESOME at it!  Check it out!

Terri Leann Guiles Facebook
Terri Leann Guiles Facebook

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