Historic Moments in Texas

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August 6th, we got a live view of something very historical happening. Livestreams of what's going down at the SpaceX Starbase facility in South Texas aired as people around the globe watched in anticipation.

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The city of Boca Chica plays host to a SpaceX facility that is breaking records and making history happen. Engineers and workers completed the stacking of their massive SpaceX Starship.

The Starship is broken down into two parts: Starship and Super Heavy rocket. 

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 The Starship stands alone at 165 feet, and the Super Heavy rocket adds another 230 feet making the massive vehicle just about 400 feet tall, make it the BIGGEST rocket ever assembled.

Okay, Let's Break It Down

The bottom part of the rocket is the Super Heavy rocket. This piece is what is going to get the rocket soaring into space. It contains 29 raptor engines. That is a whole lot of power, which is necessary for a rocket that plans to reach the moon and Mars in its very first orbital test flight.

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The Starship is the second part of the rocket. It sits on top of the Super Heavy rocket and is what will eventually carry cargo and passengers. 

History in Texas

All of this went down Friday, August 6th, and Texas got to get in on this historic assembly. The record-breaking rocketship was assembled in the great state of Texas.

While the ship was assembled on August 6th, there is speculation that Elon Musk was aiming for the previous day, August 5th. On his personal Twitter page, Musk tweeted, "Winds are too high today. Looks like wind speed will be low enough to stack early tomorrow morning."

When Is The Starship Launching?

While the Starship and Super Heavy rocket assembly are complete, this massive rocket will not be launched just yet. SpaceX still has a couple of measurements they need to go through to get this rocket fully finished and ready. 

According to MSN, the Super Heavy rocket "must pass several pressurization and engine tests before lifting off." Aside from that, "SpaceX is also waiting on an environmental review of Starship's launch operations being performed by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration." 

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