We've seen parents use unique methods to punish kids in the past -- through Facebook and by making them carry signs on busy streets, for example. But a Utah woman punished her stepdaughter in the most creative way yet by forcing her to wear ill-fitting thrift store clothing for being a bully.

Turns out the 10-year-old girl, who's been identified only as Kaylee, was relentlessly bullying a fellow fourth-grader by insulting her clothing and calling her a "slob." In fact, the abuse had gotten so bad that the bullied student wanted to leave school.

So when stepmom Ally learned about Kaylee's behavior, she decided to teach her a lesson. She spent about $50 at a thrift store and purchased cheap, outdated clothing that she knew Kaylee would hate. Then, she forced the child to wear the clothing to school.

"She really needs to know that [the bullying] had such an effect on someone else's life," said Ally. "She has to feel how that felt to know that it was wrong."

When Kaylee saw the horrible duds, she burst into tears, but wore the clothing anyway for two days and endured comments made by classmates behind her back. As a result, she learned her lesson, the young girl said.

But some experts warn that public shaming can result in resentment and anger. What do you think? Did the punishment fit the crime? Or should Ally have gotten her point across another way?

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