If you have spent even just a millisecond in Texas during the summer, you know IT GETS HOT. That's why most Texans take advantage of the weather and dip their toes in the water. 

The rivers are hot spots in Texas during those uncomfortably hot days. If you and your friends are already planning to float the river you should know, that not all floats are created equally. 


Toss out your old black tube and change the game with a hilarious new one. There is a unique float out there for everyone, you just have to pick your poison. 

attachment-_WHAT DO YOU MEME

Stand out in a crowd full of plain janes and opt for something that screams your personality. Maybe you're a college kid, you could grab some instant-ramen noodles.

The Way My Bank Account Is Set Up...


Or maybe your heart is screaming for a new corvette, but your bank account is saying honda civic. Well, get the water version of your next favorite race car.

Chose One Perfect For You

Honestly, here is a float out there for everyone. Let your personality shine through your float. You're going to be laying on it for hours, might as well let it be fit just for you.

Go Ahead, Take a Look

Don't worry, we did the leg work and picked out some of the most popular and relatable floats. Scroll down to get some ideas and figure out what you're going to be floating down the river with this summer.

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