Summertime is here. The heat will be getting to us all very soon so why not head to the water. Q 92 is giving you a chance to win tickets to Splashway Waterpark in Sheridan or Hurricane Alley in Corpus.

Splashway Waterpark is for all ages from the toddler area which includes the Toddler Bay to the Minnow Pond , to the Pirates of the Kiddie Cove to the Hurricane Hill Slide or the Tropical Storm Slide for the adults. For more information on Splashway Waterpark click here

Hurricane Alley just opened up in the Corpus area. When you are there may sure you check out the Riptide Hideaway Bar where mom and dad can enjoy  a cold, tasty beverage in our customized swim-up bar where you never have to leave the water, just sip and relax! Also offering child-friendly beverages. For more information on Hurricane Alley click here

If you would like to win tickets to Splashway Waterpark or Hurricane Alley go by Victoria All Sports, Ventura’s Tamales, Bedbutlers, Madi Tays, Carpet by Kelly or Interstate Batteries and pick up the location bonus code. Just by entering the word you are entered to win a pair of tickets.

Congratulations to Nick Lacina, Sondra Brzozowski,  Clara  Baylor, Jesse  Gutierrez for already winning tickets to Splashway or Hurricane Alley!! You can win too  make sure you are a Q VIP. Not a Q VIP sign up by clicking here. It’s easy and free!