Taco Bell wants to apologize for taking away everyone's potatoes. They are sorry and they are giving back all the potatoes. Wait, this just in. They'll now bring back TWO menu items that feature potatoes...We hope this helps!

It's one of those fun facts that only affect the most die-hard of Taco Bell potatoes eaters because I'm gonna be honest, I had no idea they took them away in the first place!

While CNN might be your last choice for relevant news, they are all over the impact the loss of potatoes has had on fans who are running to the border. The cuts were made late in the summer of 2020 and after hearing feedback from customers there are two menu items coming back in early March of 2021.

Behold! The Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and Spicy Potato Softie (soft taco) were announced yesterday by Taco Bell.


Some Twitter users mentioned the news was worse than dealing with a divorce in the family. People just don't realize how impactful the day to day changes at Taco Bell are on fans of cheesy potato goodness. In fact, they took to Change.ORG to get a petition rolling to being back potatoes and it actually got the needed 5000 signatures in no time at all.

The Bell chalks it all up to COVID-19. Yup, coronavirus even stole our cheesy potato goodness for a while. However, ya can't keep a good thing down for long. By March 11th we will be back in business. Or, whoever enjoys Taco Bell potatoes can be back in business. Don't forget this menu item was a go-to for a lot of people who don't eat meat.

Word is Red Meat may be the next thing to be in the crosshairs of what some call the cancel culture. We've seen the McPlant burger introduced by McDonald's, and our friends at the Bell have been thinking about introducing a vegetarian menu as a permanent feature. Maybe it's a healthier option for many. Oh look, Taco Bell has plans to team up with Beyond Meat (BYND) to test out some new products. We better get our change.org petition ready if the ground beef goes away.

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