New ‘Superbug’ Strain of Gonorrhea Resists Antibiotics
Gonorrhea, a bacterial sexually transmitted infection, used to be easily treated with antibiotics. But now, a "superbug" strain of the STD has been found in Japan and scientists fear it could become a global public health threat.
"Since antibiotics became the standard treatment for gon…
Russell Brand and Six Other Celebrities Who Have Been Deported
Russell Brand just wanted to see his wife Kate Perry perform in Japan. Unfortunately for the funnyman, Japanese authorities weren't amused by his criminal record, and on Sunday the 35-year-old was deported from the island nation.
Perry took to Twitter to explain what had gone down:
So...my husband ju…
How You Can Help Victims of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
On Friday, we ran live video of the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. Many of you may be wondering how you can help those affected in their time of need. The following is a list of some of those organizations that are involved in the rescue and recovery efforts …