The Labor Day holiday weekend is upon us. As you know,  it's the last full weekend of summer before every turns all fall.  Sure, we're gonna barbecue, hang out with friends, maybe have our fantasy football draft or some other event...but there'll be some down time. This is also know as time to veg out and binge something off one of the multiple streaming services.  They got me I belong to more than a few: HULU, NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME, DISNEY PLUS, YOUTUBE TV and HBO MAX.  That reminds me something's got to go soon.  This is ridiculous. Anyways, being from Texas, I thought I'd shine the light on some Texas stars and guide you to some great viewing this long weekend.  Just a warning, not all of this stuff will be new.  However, all of the shows on my list will be entertaining (at least to me). I will also try to keep them pretty short.  A couple of seasons at the most.  You won't have to devote all of our time to finishing. I don't want to keep you hanging after the long weekend.  And, all these will be streaming.  I know the SYFY channel was doing their marathon of the old "Twilight Zone" shows every long weekend. I'm not sure if they are continuing.  This is good. I would always get sucked in and my weekend plans would be destroyed.  That dang Burgess Meredith and his episode with the glasses..."but there was time now!" Ok, I'm rambling- let's get the good stuff...

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