A man chilling out in his backyard rapping along to Jay-Z's smash hit "99 Problems" had some very real problems of his own when the cops showed at his door.

Last week, Tennessee man Davon Eddington was relaxing in his backyard in Spring Hill, enjoying a beer and talking about the Lakers with his brother on the phone when, not soon after, police reportedly showed up at his home, guns drawn.

Eddington told TMZ that the authorities were called when his neighbor overheard him repeat Jay-Z's famous 2004 "99 Problems" lyric, "I got 99 problems but a b---h ain't one" over the phone. Allegedly thinking that Eddington was making some sort of a reference to hurting his fiancée (who was upstairs at the time taking a bath), the neighbor calls the cops.

Meanwhile, Eddington says he was just making a joke about LeBron James.

"[He was] talking to his brother on the phone about LeBron James and the Lakers. Davon's brother called him a bandwagon Lakers fan ... to which Davon replied [with the lyric]," TMZ writes.

Eddington says the cops apologized for the misunderstanding.

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