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A festival so nuts we can't even make this up!

Well, they say everything is bigger in Texas so when it comes to festivals, Texas goes balls to the wall, especially during the Testicle Festival in Fredericksburg.

Testicle Festival

Made ya look!

Ever been to a testicle festival?

You should go...nad!

t was the 3rd Annual Texas Testicle Festival in Fredericksburg, TX!

One of the most unusual of our Great State's festivals, the Testicle Festival features a testicle eating contest of course with plenty of booze, plenty of live music, and some serious braggin' rights!

I mean who isn't gonna brag about eating the most testicles in the great state of Texas?

Okay, you have to forgive us for the inappropriate puns. We all know that when it comes to testicle jokes, people, maybe men especially... can feel over-sensitive about them.

Some can get downright testes.

Texans call them Mountain Oysters, Rocky Mountain Oysters or Bull Fries.

Referred to as Rocky Mountain Oysters in polite company the most popular way to prepare testicles is to gently batter and fry them.

If you missed the festival this year, we've got you covered. Here is a DIY on the fry thanks to Insider Food on YouTube!


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