Three people were out on Lake Houston when suddenly their boat began to sink. Two of the people aboard were able to swim to shore and get help. However, local Texas authorities were quickly contacted and sent to help out for a possible drowning. 


17-year-old Marvin Reyes Olivia was one person who was on the boat as it began to sink. Unfortuently, Marvin could not be located as never made it to shore. Police issued a missing persons report.


Officials have been trying to locate Marvin and early Monday morning he may have been located. A body was recently found in Lake Houston. The body has not been publicly identified, however, authorities believe it is the body of 17-year-old Marvin Reyes Olivia.

Tips for a Sinking Boat

Being prepared before you leave the land is incredibly important. has listed some safety tips to help keep everyone on a boat safe and secure. Here are some life-saving tips that can help you deal with a sinking boat.

Get Everyone Into a Life Jacket   

If you don’t already have your life jacket on, make sure that yours is secure and ensure that everyone else does the same. If there are children on board, be sure that they have properly fitting life jackets.

Put in a Distress Call

Every boat should have an emergency VHF radio. When making your distress call, speak clearly and slowly.

Head to Shore

To read more potentially life-saving tips, visit BOATINGMAG.COM 

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