Some of us have been in a holding pattern waiting for the Texas Department of Public Safety to reopen its doors across the state. We heard the news last week that that process will soon be underway in phases.

Today marks the beginning of a four-phase reopening of those offices so that Texans who do not have a valid Texas license, CDL, learner's permit or ID card can get in line for service according to

By the end of the week, most of us will be able to book appointments up to six months ahead of time using the site. The actual DPS offices in South Texas will accept appointments starting this afternoon. Since the actual timeline of the four-phase plan has not yet been announced, it's estimated that DL office transactions will return by mid-July.



Of note is that Governor Abbott said once the driver's license offices reopen that Texans will have up to 60 days to renew their licenses. If your license expired on or prior to March 13th, 2020 this waiver is for you.

If you are waiting to renew your vehicle's registration and to get a new sticker for your windshield you can actually do that now online. In fact, If you renew your registration online you'll actually see a discount! Renew your registration online with this link.

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