Updated: 6/15/2022

The gunman was identified as 42-year-old Brandon Ned of Dallas, Texas. After firing a shot inside Fieldhouse, where 250 children were attending summer camp, the man Fieldhouse the camp staff immediately went into lockdown, which police called "clear-headed actions" that helped avoid injuries to campers and staff members.


Another terrifying situation in Texas had parents rushing to a summer camp in a Dallas-area gymnasium to check on their children.


One parent recalls receiving a horrible text from her son, "He had text me and said 'Mom I think someone has entered the Fieldhouse with a gun; my immediate emotion was to panic."

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Duncanville police addressed the public informing them that a man had entered the Fieldhouse’s lobby with a handgun. The man was speaking with a staff member before firing a shot from his handgun.


The situation escalated when the man ran towards a classroom door. The gunman attempted to open the door however it was locked, this led him to fire a shot into the door.


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After being unable to enter the first room, he headed for the gymnasium which had children inside. One of the children inside the facility, Autumn Harris, admitted to hearing a gunshot, "We heard shooting and then we got scared and everybody started crying."

It's heartbreaking to hear a young child explain the fear she felt and the fear those innocent children around her felt. Harris goes on to say they ended up in the men's bathroom when counselors instructed them to stay quiet, "They just told us to stay quiet, we hid in the showers."


A father whose child was inside the facility recounted the moment he heard about the gunman, "I was going about 120 mph and sheriff department was behind me, I didn't stop I just kept going."


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We are so grateful to report there are no injuries or fatalities of innocent children or staff in this terrifying situation. Police arrive and fatally shot the gunman right before he got into the gymnasium. The local mayor praised the police involved saying, "There was no hesitation, no hesitation once so ever."

The police officers had recently gone into training for these types of situations in response to the tragedy in Uvalde. "We're thankful for their training and that they do exactly what they were trained to do.

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