Bragging Rights: Activated

Texas is shining bright this year. We are kind of a big deal around these neck of the woods. According to U-Haul, Texas is the number one state people are moving to. 

Why Texas?

People are moving to Texas in flocks. Texans know has always had a lot to offer, but now outsiders are catching wind and making the move. We have tons of jobs, plenty of booming industries, and beautiful land.

“The Texas economy is growing fast,” said Kristina Ramos, president of U-Haul Company of South Austin. “With a strong job market and low cost of living, it’s a no-brainer. "

Coming in Last


While Texas is booming, last on the list is California. Known for its beautiful beaches, innovative companies, and delicious wines, this state still managed to sit at the bottom of the list.

A Different Perspective

I have lived in both Texas and California so I have a pretty diverse perspective on this situation. I absolutely love California and still consider it my second home. It is beautiful, diverse, and there is always something insanely unique and interesting to do. 

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However, there is one big problem: the cost of living. Paying $2,500-$3,000 for an apartment is normal in Los Angeles. Don't expect a nice luxury apartment either, there are run-down lofts that go for that price. The typical neighborhoods and homes are jam-packed, so don't expect that nice half an acre backyard.

Welcome to Texas


New faces will be popping up around the Lone Star State, many headed straight to a particular spot. According to U-Haul, the city that keeps it weird was the number 16 most popular place to move to. 

U-Haul Massive Coverage

U-Haul has an expansive overview of locations people move to thanks to their massive coverage across the country. They are able to gather a comprehensive overview of top destinations and are the leader for tracking migration trends.

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