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You may not think so but, Texas has some of the best cities for driving. Now, before you go off on a rant about how bad drivers are in Houston, Austin and some of the other larger cities in Texas, keep in mind this is based on certain metrics.

WalletHub compared stats that include average gas prices, average time of traffic delays and average number of auto repair shops per capita.

Corpus Christi came in as the best city to drive in, El Paso came in 5th, Laredo 6th, and Plano 8th. No Texas cities ranked as the worst of the top 10. Now, of you've ever driven in Austin for example, then you know how painful that can be. Houston is pretty insane, but at least they have the lanes that can handle it.  Here's a look at the top 10.

1. Corpus Christi

2. Gilbert, AZ

3. Greensboro, NC

4. Meza, AZ

5. El Paso

6. Laredo

7. Winston-Salem, NC

8. Plano

9. Scottsdale, AZ

10. Raleigh, NC

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