An entire Texas family nearly lost their lives after a catastrophic gas leak explosion incinerated their entire home. 

Michael Inmon was in his game room, which is detached from his home, as his wife Daniella Aragon, briefly checked in with him before she left to work. After his wife left Inmon went to check on his 12-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son who were inside the home.


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"I went to the den and was hit with a giant wave of natural gas smell," Inmon recalled, a clear sign of danger.

Acting swiftly, Inmon evacuated his children to the safety of the game room. However, the family's ordeal was far from over. Inmon bravely re-entered the house to rescue their cat, only to encounter a terrifying sight. 

"When I got to the kitchen I saw this giant blue flame go above my head, touching the ceiling,"

he described. Before he could react, the house exploded, sending Inmon to the ground as the structure was engulfed in flames.


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Miraculously, the family survived with minimal injuries. Reflecting on the ordeal, Inmon expressed profound relief and gratitude: "We're okay. I'm just glad my family is ok, that's the big thing. You can replace everything but you can't replace my kids."

Currently residing in a hotel, the family is overwhelmed by the community's support, receiving clothing and other necessities. "In these last few days, I appreciate everything everyone's done. The outreach has been insane. I just want to say thank you to everyone who's helped out; it means the world to us." 


The family still needs toiletries and empty totes for moving their belongings. For those wishing to help, donations can be dropped off at Performance Food Group in Victoria, or monetarily via Cashapp to $dukeybroune.

You can also donate via their GoFundMe page, click here.

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