In a story that comes from a small town in East Texas, Buna. A Facebook status that was posted by the Jasper County Sheriff's Department states that Weaver Motors Inc. of Kirbyville reported that a vehicle was missing from their property. The missing vehicle had recently been serviced, but the service had not yet been paid for.

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According to the post, the vehicle was located and a traffic stop was initiated. it was found that the person who took the vehicle from the dealership was the actual owner of the vehicle.   He was arrested for theft of service and his truck was towed away!  The theft of service is a state jail felony.  The formal arraignment is still pending.  Some of the Facebook comments are a good chuckle and some are super serious. This man will now have to pay way more than the original services rendered.

Last month, a Texas man was arrested for attempting to deliver crystal meth, pressed THC, prepaid smartphones, and mp3 prisoners by drone to prisoners at Federal Medical Center Fort Worth. The drone crashed inside a secure, fenced-in yard near the prison’s HVAC shop, where staff recovered it.


Affixed to the drone was a package containing 46 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 87 grams of pressed THC, two prepaid smartphones, and nine mp3 players.  Law enforcement pulled surveillance video from a nearby high school and observed a young male drive up in a red Chevy Tahoe. If convicted he faces up to 45 years total in prison:

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