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A tornado could not stop the love of this Texas couple! 

And we couldn't imagine a more exciting proposal.

Talk about proposing on the spot!

Dakota Hudson was disheartened when he came home to find his home in Powderly, TX, had been completely destroyed by a recent tornado.  

Tornados are often life changing events and for Dakota one of the possessions he was most worried about was the engagement ring he had bought for his girlfriend. He had been waiting for the perfect time to propose and at the moment he was looking through the debris he likely doubted he'd find the ring, even though he had found the love of his life.

Then a miracle happened! 

Dakota Hudson said he hid the ring in a closet of the house but it was nowhere to be found when he first began searching for it.

That's when Dakota got creative and asked the Paris Junior College softball team to help him in the search.

Yep, he asked a bunch of girls to help him and that is exactly what they did!

In fact, the softball team vowed not to stop searching for it until the ring was found!

KXII reports Hudson offered in their interview, “When you tell 20 girls someone is going to get engaged if they find a ring, they are going to find it,” Hudson said.

We hope Kate Rainey gets to be in the wedding! Yep, she found the ring! 

“I was just digging through the mud in a particular spot, and I felt a little piece of a metal circle,” said Kate Rainey, a volunteer who helped in the search. “I didn’t believe it when I found it.” KXII reported.

This part makes me tear up! 

The moment the ring was found, Dakota wasted no time in dropping to his knee to propose to his girlfriend. Of course, she said YES and the couple have vowed to get married as soon as they are finished with the tornado clean up.

I mean just listen to these screams of celebration!!!

Thanks to Briebart News for their Youtube video.

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