When I first heard the news that the Texas Mile is coming to Victoria Regional Airport, I was pretty excited. I mean, who wouldn't love the opportunity to see some of the coolest cars in the world hitting speeds approaching 300 mph? It happens this weekend March 24th through 26th. Registration filled up quickly but, spectators can get ready for a whole lot of action.

The Texas Mile is a timed speed competition where drivers of all classes can drive a 1 mile stretch to see how fast they can get their cars to go.

Officials say the event is expected to be bigger in Victoria than it was in Beeville, with a festival environment bringing in competitors and spectators from all over. Officials also say the event will be a boost for the airport, which struggles to generate enough money each year to stay open.

Last year, and estimated 5,500 people attended the event, with people from 29 states, more than 150 cities, and countries from around the world attending to compete and just watch.

How fast can you go? The current record of 279.9 mph was set in Beeville last April in a Ford GT. Check out the video. Pedal to the metal, baby!

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