A Texas mother of 4 was killed in what police are saying was a staged suicide.

30-year-old Giselle Salazar-Tapia lived in her boyfriend, James Hart's, boat since March. On May 31st, Salazar-Tapia's body was found partially submerged in water, hanging from the dock. Initially, suicide was suspected, however, that quickly changed.

Lt. Eric Cox League City Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division says they suspect foul play was involved in the death of the mother of 4. They believe the scene was staged to look like a suicide, however, it appears as though she died in a different location.

"Her arm was found suspended up in the air, and nothing was holding it there. So, we believe she probably passed away with her arm extended up above her head like that, and then rigor mortis had set in before her being placed like that," Cox said.

Police say they have identified 2 people of interest. They have interviewed Hart multiple times and he is now feeling criminalized.
"I would never hurt Giselle," Hart said.

Hart explains that he thought Salazar-Tapia had left for a few days after she got up to go to the restroom and never returned. Hart said he didn't know about her death until the police recovered her body.

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Hart also explained that his surveillance cameras had stopped working so he was unable to provide any footage. He said one camera had disappeared, and the other was physically turned to face away from his boat by an unidentified hand.

Salazar-Tapia's sister, Esperanza Alegria, is begging for justice.

"I just want everyone to know my sister didn't do this to herself. She didn't commit suicide. We just want justice for her. We want whoever is responsible, who did this to my sister, we want them to get charged for what they did to her."

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