A Houston mother was tragically shot dead as she bravely and selflessly shielded her 2 sons from gunfire.  


37-year-old Isha Goff selflessly sacrificed her life for the two sons, ages 13 and 4. Without warning, two men approached her vehicle and unleashed a barrage of bullets. In a heroic act of maternal protection, Goff covered her sons with her body, sacrificing her life in the process. 

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She was pronounced dead at the scene, leaving behind her three children, including a 1-year-old.


The eldest child, a direct witness to the harrowing event, recounted the moments leading up to the tragedy. "These two guys... walked slowly across the street, and just stopped in front of her car. As she honked to make them move, they started shooting," explained Gladys Pratt Seahorn, Goff's godmother, and pastor. 

The attackers first targeted the vehicle's tires, ensuring it could not escape, before directing their gunfire at Goff and her children.

Houston Police are investigating the motive behind the shooting, which remains unclear. This location has seen police respond 26 times this year alone, highlighting a recurring pattern of violence. Seahorn, echoing the sentiments of a community in mourning, expressed hope for justice: "Danger is lurking and needs to be taken off the streets. We believe that justice will come forth."

Three children are now left without a mother because of a horrifically violent act that remains unsolved. 

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