During this Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are coming up huge for employees in Texas. H-E-B and Walmart are not only taking care of their current employees with a higher hourly wages, they are also hiring temporary positions that will help get them through COVID-19.  Dollar General has also announced that they are hiring 50,000 employees in the state of Texas.  Texas Roadhouse is the latest to step up for it's front line employees.  Texas Roadhouse CEO Kent Taylor announced that he was going to forgo his salary and bonus pay period starting March 18 through Jan. 7 to take care of his front line workers.  You can watch the full story by clicking here.  Time and time again, Texas shows the world how to take care of others.  Now it's time for you to take care of others. Remember to support our local family business that get no help from any corporation.  If you are eating out, choose that local eatery over that chain.  The need us right now.

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