One Texas restaurant had health inspectors shocked after a repulsive visit.

Newspapers are becoming a thing of the past, but if you're looking for juicy content just pick up a Sunday paper and turn to the restaurant inspections column. 


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A Mercedes, Texas Mexican restaurant was put in the hot seat after a recent health inspection left them with a horrendous 18 violations, ranging from simple fixes like missing food labels to the deplorable like dead bugs scattered around.

No one likes hair in the food, but occasionally it happens. However, this particular restaurant has an unhygienic habit that exposed hair found in cooling units and an abundance of filthy equipment.


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Inspectors came back a second time to check on any updates made, however, they soon made another startling discovery. The restaurant showed obvious signs of a roach infestation. 


The Food Patrol from Mercedes stepped into the restaurant hoping to check up on improvements made after the location's degrading violations. However, there were a few issues that immediately stood out. It seems the restaurant has not improved its old ways.

An employee confessed that the refrigerators had not been properly cleaned since before the Easter vacation—an unacceptable lapse in sanitation practices. Acknowledging the severity of the situation, the restaurant conceded that such conditions were intolerable for safe food handling operations.

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I think this one is going to keep me out of anyone's kitchen except mine for a while. However, that doesn't dismiss the fact that customers rightfully expect and deserve a clean and safe dining environment, free from the risks posed by neglect and contamination.

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