A Texas teenager killed and shot at 2 people who were trying to rob him.

According to police, the teen boy went to meet two other people who were going to sell him something. However, when the teen boy located them, the situation escalated and the meet-up turned violent.


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The people he met up with were two boys from 16-19 years old. The group began to beat the teen boy with brass knuckles and forced him to lead them back to his home so they could rob his things.

The group eventually made their way to the teen boy's home where something unexpected happened. As the boy was being forced inside his home, his mother was at the door. 


As he passed up his mother, she slid him a gun, which he concealed from the suspects. The suspects began threatening the teen and his mother, demanding they hand over any valuables.

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That's when the teen boy pulled out the gun and started firing at the robbers. Police say one suspect died on the scene while the other was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. The teen was also taken to the hospital and given medical care.

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