KIXS 108 and Post Acute Medical join forces to recognize service men and women who have served. We thank them, we salute them, and we honor all who have fought for our freedom. This week we would like to recognize Mr. Kenneth Clark. He was born in Austwell, Texas. He is father had a cotton gin and worked with cotton.

He was in the US Air Force for four years as a Staff Sgt. He went to high school in Yoakum, Texas. He graduated in June 1946 and went in the military in June 1946. Mr. Clark also went to Caroline grammar school that is located between Victoria and Yoakum. Mr. Clark was raised mostly in Terryville. He stated that there was one store that is now closed and one Baptist Church that is still there.

When Mr. Clark was shipped off to the military he went to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Tx for basic Training. Then he went to Brooksfield across town for more training then back to Lackland. Mr. Clark was then shipped to Virginia for Tech school and then back to Brooksfield. After all this back and forth Mr. Clark was then shipped to Germany.

Mr. Clark clearly remembers that at this time many Germans were escaping from East Germany to where he was stationed. Mr. Clark recalled capturing a few Germans himself.

During his time there he recalled cigarettes being a very hot commodity and that if you had some you were extremely popular.

Mr. Clark left the military in 1950, was married February 9, 1951. He and his wife Loise have been married for 66yrs. When asked what his wife’s name was he said – “Superman’s wife”. They have two sons one that is 65yrs old and lives in Magnolia, Arkansas – who is currently visiting him. The other son is 63yrs and lives in McKenzie Tennessee.

Upon leaving the military and entering the civilian world again Mr. Clark worked for a Plymouth dealership. He then worked for Dupont for 2.5 yrs. One year was construction and the other in the warehouse. After this he decided to go to college and get his degree out of University of Houston in Accounting, and he was able to accomplish this in 3.5yrs.

He worked a stent with Junior Tennessee Gas as general accountant. The computers at the time that they used took up a whole entire room. He has been working full time as an accountant for his own accounting firm out of his home since 1982 – Clarks Accounting here in Victoria. He currently still works full time out of his home. He and his wife moved here from Portland, Tx in 1974.

Mr. Clark shared with me that he use to be able to listen to Don Williams and Loften Kline live and in concert when he was in Portaland, Tx. He stated that is where they started from before anybody knew who they were. Mr. Clark stated that Don Williams was truly an everyday country boy. When he practiced with the band he would even look like he was sleeping. In case you didn’t know who Don Williams even was – He was one of the country western greats of his time.

Mr. Clark also mentioned he was going to purchase “one of those Alexa’s or whatever they are, that play whatever song you tell it to play, and it will”.
Stated he had tons of oldies saved on his computer and is looking forward to this other option.

Mr. Clark is currently with the VA and American Legion. He and his wife Loise are thinking of joining the Our Saviors Lutheran Church when he is healthier.

Quote: “When I was in the military I saw everyone in the civilian world struggling for employment and couldn’t understand why they were not in the military. Then when I left the military I saw how I couldn’t understand why they were not a civilian.”

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