Sometimes companies create something that makes us sit back and realize that everything will be okay. If you have an exquisite taste like myself, then your tastebuds may be a magnet towards Hot Cheetos and pickles. If that seems to be the case, there's some good news coming at you.

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Hot Cheetos has expanded their line of chips into something more lunch-time friendly: Mac n' Cheese. Now, I'm known for my unique lunches around these parts of town, many of which consist of frappucinos and Hot Fries; yes, I know, quite nutritional, we'll save that for another day. Yesterday I walked into work and was greeted with the best gift a girl like me could ask for: a box of Hot Cheetos Mac n' Cheese!


Now the best part about this beautiful gift was the surprise factor. Not only did I not know I was about to be gifted with something I already love, but I didn't even know this product existed!

So, of course, I did what anyone in 2021 would do: I made the food and vlogged the entire process.

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  • It tastes exactly like Hot Fries, which are debatably one of the most delectable snacks out there TODAY.
  • It has a little spicy kick that I need in my life.
  • Its aesthetics make for a great social media post.


  • If you're looking for that traditional Mac n' Cheese taste, you ain't gon' find it here, bud.
  • It's as red as can be; talk about overkill on the food coloring.

This is just something you might have to try out for yourself. Maybe grab a pickle and some lemon. Either way, I'm such a die-hard Hot Cheetos fan, I'm gonna root for this product whether I enjoyed the taste or not.

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