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On National Taco Day inquiring minds want to know... what's the right way to eat a taco, on corn or flour tortillas.

We are big foodies here at the radio station. In fact, not a day goes by where the topic of food doesn't come up either with our office BFFs or on-air, so it's no surprise that today of all days, on National Taco Day, a big debate got started on what the right way is to build a taco.

Corn or Flour?

Turns out, no one could agree.

What do you like best? Let us know!

Heated like the griddle!

Truth be told, it got a little heated in the office regarding proper tacos. Heated like the griddle I make homemade flour tortillas on! You better believe I'm a big fan of flour tortillas! But, that totally depends on what type of Mexican food I am cooking. For enchiladas, I always use corn tortillas. For tacos, flour. See I told you before, I'm Swiss so I'm always neutral!

A little cooking tip when it comes to corn tortillas for enchiladas.

A wonderful Spanish cook once showed me that for the perfect enchiladas, use a little oil to heat the corn ( or fine... flour if you're insistent) tortilla on each side before you fill it with meat. The first time I tried this on my own I was burning my fingertips until it occurred to me that I could wait for them to cool off before I filled them.

Sigh, maybe I'm not the one to be giving you cooking tips.

Happy National Taco Day!


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