Old Faithful, the Old Farmer's Almanac

When we say, old faithful, we mean it. The Old Farmer's Almanac is printed every September as it has been since, get this... 1792. With that history, it's probably no surprise that the Old Farmer's Almanac is the oldest publication in North America!

But my favorite part of the history lesson behind the Old Farmer's Almanac is about the founding father, Robert B. Thomas. He used solar activity combined with astronomy cycles along with weather patterns to create a " secret formula" to predict the weather which is still used today. 

Old and wise, very very wise.

And, if you grew up as I did with grandparents who ranched and farmed in Texas, you are probably very familiar with the Old Farmer's Almanac. It was the holy grail of weather and planting prediction for my South Texas grandparents. I remember thumbing through them as a child, mostly checking for cartoons.

Updated quarterly throughout the year, inside, you'll find weather predictions, home remedies, and outdoor living activities as well as moon phase articles. The list continues...  sports, fashion predictions, folklore and gardening is also included just to name a few.

And when it comes to predicting the weather, the Old Farmer's Almanac is usually on point. In fact, it's right just a little bit over 50 percent of the time. LOL

More rain ahead!

The most recent edition of the Farmer's Almanac predicted thunderstorms and cooler summer temperatures in Victoria from July 1st through the 9th. So far, ON POINT!

July 10th through the 15th the prediction is for sunny skies and warm weather. Sigh.

And then it reads, "July 16th through the 26th you can expect isolated thunderstorms and turning hot."

Followed by, "July 26th through the 31st with scattered showers and warm temperatures."

Rain, rain and more rain. MAYBE.

I've got to see this for myself.

You can check out the link to the Farmer's Almanac 2021 Long Range Weather Forecast online by clicking here.

Here is a great video of the Old Farmer's Almanac and the Farmer's Almanac presented by Big Spring's Master Gardeners on Youtube.

Here is a fun experiment from Youtuber, Zero to Homestead who is experimenting with gardening by using the almanac "by the book" for gardening! So far, he has had great success.

Grab a copy this September and see what 2022 has in store for us! 

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