The End of an Icon

The queen of funnel cakes has passed away. Mrs. Wanda Fernie Winter, 95, passed away over the weekend. Wanda was an icon whose food will live on forever in Texas.

This iconic queen is credited as being the one who brought funnel cakes to the Texas fried food capital. After her first experience with funnel cakes, Wanda knew she had to bring them over to Texas for everyone here to enjoy.

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So Funnel Cakes Got Her Started?

Actually, Wanda started at the State Fair of Texas in 1967 with her late husband, John Winter, where they were just trying to earn a few bucks to go to Las Vegas (#relatable). However, it turned into a love story, and the two got sucked into the State Fair of Texas and all of its traditions and surprises. They started their concession stand for years selling their "nachitos."

The '80s Were a Hit

It wasn't until the 80s that Wanda blessed Texans with the funnel cake. According to The Dallas Morning News, Wanda and her husband went square-dancing in Branson, Missouri, in the early ’80s and tasted their first funnel cake, and the rest is history."


Since then, Wanda had funnel cakes at her stands in the State Fair of Texas, and they were a hit. That swirly fried pancake dough sprinkled with powdered sugar, of course, people are going to flock to it!

What is the Ultimate Funnel Cake?

Funnel cakes are a staple in fairs, carnivals, and so many more outdoor festivals. So how do you like your funnel cake? Plain and traditional, or do you go the adventurous route with fruity toppings, or does a drizzled chocolate get you going?
Tell us below what makes the best funnel cake in Texas?

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