Have you ever wondered just how fast your car will go? A lot of us have but, we have never had the chance to find out...legally, anyway. We just may get that chance as early as next March, because the infamous Texas Mile may be headed to Victoria.

Officials of the bi-annual event met with representatives from the tourism industry and  business owners yesterday to talk about the possibility.

The event, which has been held in Goliad and more recently in Beeville, brings in participants and spectators from across the country, and even internationally, as many as 250 participants with spectators numbering in the thousands.

The one mile speed test would be held at Victoria Regional Airport, and would be open to both professional and amateur drivers in both custom vehicles built just for the event, all the way down to that '72 Ford Pinto (top speed 62 mph, downhill with a tailwind) you have in the garage.  All drivers, all classes.

Officials say the event would be a huge boost for area tourism, with Texas Mile officials reporting an estimated 2,721 hotel night bookings.

How fast can you go? The current record of 279.9 mph was set in Beeville last April in a Ford GT. Check out the video.

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