The Wanted‘s smash hit ‘Chasing the Sun’ is used twice in the animated flick ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift,’ the fourth film in the mega franchise. The song appears in a scene and during the closing credits. That’s a big screen double dip, so it’s only fair that the boy band recut the video, featuring footage from the film.

The original version featured the boys enjoying some after-hours fun. Here, they frolic with furry beasts. It’s quite a different theme, but the new version is equally as fitting since it’s a fun song. And what’s more fun than animates creatures? Nothing!

There is film footage of wooly mammoths, saber-toothed cats, prehistoric rabbits and other furry, tusked beasts. There’s also CGI of the same characters dancing on the ice amongst the Wanted boys.

Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes and co. walk around on ice bergs and sing while bathed in the sunlight. Let’s hope this partnership with the film helps The Wanted boys earn a spot as animated characters in the fifth installment of this franchise.

The animated creatures themselves can’t deny the melody of ‘Chasing the Sun’ and they dance with the boys. We love the furry beast who is dancing on an iceberg at two minutes in. How the ice doesn’t break under his feet is a mystery and a miracle, since he’s a big boy.

The big question is: What’s cuter — the animated characters or the members of the Wanted?

Watch The Wanted ‘Chasing the Sun’ (‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ Version)

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