It always amazes us whenever someone gets caught trying to take a quick shower by running through a car wash. Its purpose is right there in the name: CAR wash.

That still didn’t stop three guys in Abbotsford, British Columbia from trying to grab a quick one at their local car wash.

The three guys were allegedly intoxicated and got the idea to get in a shopping cart and push themselves through the automated, high pressure car wash. First, they took off all of their clothes. Then they loaded themselves into the shopping cart. Try not to picture that moment for too long, especially if you’re eating.

Then they selected either a “typhoon” or “super typhoon” wash and let the car wash do its stuff. Just for the record, its stuff includes extremely high pressure water, not unlike a fire hose. Imagine the “massage” setting on a shower-head, only huge.

Apparently, the idea wasn’t a very good one because several neighbors called the police to the scene after they heard some very loud screaming.

The three men weren’t arrested; instead, police gave them a stern warning and sent them home. The moment prompted police to issue a similar warning on their Twitter page that “pressure washing yourself will not increase intelligence or sobriety.” We can’t wait to see the McGruff-esque mascot they come up with to teach kids the peril of self-pressure washing. We would like to suggest a dolphin named “Blowey.”

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