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Catch a Football
Lewis Wright

It's all come down to this one game.

Nothing excites a South Texas town as much as seeing their local high school football team take the win and this season, for the Refugio Bobcats and the Shiner Comanches, it all comes down to this one game. Again.

For four straight seasons, it's come down to this game actually, and for 2021, the Refugio Bobcats have had an entire year to gear up and get ready to avenge their state quarterfinal loss to the Shiner Comanches in 2020.

Both teams are carrying state championships to the field.

Who are you cheering for Crossroads?

If you're in the Crossroads you'll get a chance to cheer for one of these two deserving teams on Thursday right here at Memorial Stadium at 7 pm.

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Memorial Stadium is expected to be packed Thursday night.

Memorial Stadium is expected to be filled to the brim for this game with an estimated 10,000 people anticipated to be in attendance, leaving just 5,000 seats for social distancing, if there is such a thing for a game like this.

The Bobcats and the Comanches both have 13 and 0 records and this year the Bobcats are ranked number 1 with the Comanches at number 2.

There is little question that both teams are going to bring all they have to the field for this rivalry game.

In fact, KIII 3 News interviewed several Bobcats and they say they have "waited 365 days for this very game." You can watch that interview here.

You won't want to miss this one. 

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