Time to roll up the sleeves of that blazer and cut ‘footloose’! Tickets are on sale now for The Flashback Ball feature the world’s greatest 80s tribute band, The Molly Ringwalds! Who are these unique gentlemen, you ask?


The Molly Ringwalds are no ordinary musicians – here are a few fun facts to prove it:

Lord Phillip Wang (Bass, Vocals) was featured on MTV Cribs, where he displayed an entire floor of his house containing wigs that he has never worn because they're just not "pretty" enough.

Platinum Randi Wilde (Guitar, Vocals) loves to spend his spare time in the gardens of his Sheffield, England estate. In fact, he is also the lawn keeper for the other members of the Molly Ringwalds. His future plans are simple: "To have fun tonight. And more importantly, to Wang Chung tonight."

Sir Devon Nooner (Synthesizer, Guitar & Vocals) drives a 1982 Pacer, plays a mean game of Frogger and loves to drink ale, smoke cigarettes, and sing -- all at the same time.

Sir Liam Thunders (Drums, Vocals) joined the band after he answered an ad in "We Need A Drummer" magazine.

Dickie English (Synthisizers, Vocals), was replaced as a frontman in a "regal" band by a flamboyant singer who stole all of Dickie's moves. He was finally called by Devon Nooner to play in the States for "The Molly Ringwalds".

So maybe they're stuck in the 80s, or maybe they are just ready to put on a great show. Either way, join the fun on Saturday, February 16th, when the flashback begins at Two Step Dance Hall in Victoria. Tickets are just $15 in advance starting Friday. They’ll be $20 at the door, so don’t wait! Get all the event details here!

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