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Everyone loves a happy ending and we LOVE that we get to offer you a follow-up happy ending to our Tiger Tale story we shared with you last week!

Incredibly, just before the Texas Winter Storms, we were able to share a very sad and peculiar story of a young girl in San Antonio who was looking for her lost dog when she spotted a tiger cub in the backyard of one of her neighbor's houses!

Now before you get too far ahead, the young lady, Azul Cruz, did find her lost dog, who was safe and sound. She also called 911 and recorded the tiger cub on her phone. 

KSAT 12 Youtube (Tiger Cub)

Here is an excerpt from our original article. "In Texas, you can own a tiger with both a state permit and a federal permit. However, you are subject to the ordinance of the city you live in. In this case, San Antonio says they are forbidden in city limits to be kept as pets." This tiger cub was being kept in the backyard illegally.

You can read the original article in its entirety below.

Ready for the happy ending? The tiger cub, named Elsa was removed and brought to a wildlife preserve, Black Beauty Ranch, where she will be free to roam and grow safely with more space to thrive!

The investigation is still ongoing but fines and charges will likely will ahead for the person who was housing the tiger cub illegally.

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