If you have a teen or preteen, chances are, you have heard of the TikTok App because they always on it! I can't say anything because you couldn't get me off of AOL when it first came out LOL. After TikToks release in 2017, it has been downloaded over 2 BILLION times in the App Store and Google Play.  Recently, TikTok security measures have been a hot topic. Is the social platform safe for our kids?

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TikTok has been in the news lately, after President Donald Trump and other top officials accused the Chinese company of spying on American users, presenting a national security threat. The solution? Cut ties to China.

As of now, Oracle and Walmart have been given approval by the president in recent negotiations.  If a deal is finalized, the new company will be called TikTok Global and would have no Chinese involvement.  The question is, where will the new World Headquarters be located?  How about the Richmond/Rosenberg area?

KHOU is reporting that Fort Bend County Judge KP George has invited TikTok to bring its global headquarters to the Houston area. TikTok headquarters could bring in 25,000 new jobs for Texans. Imagine the scale of this construction in Rosenberg!  Oh, wait, Highway 59 has been under construction for like 80 years, they are already used to it.

Here is the letter the County Judge sent to Tik Tok

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