Need a Ride in South Texas?

In 2021, most Texans are familiar with ride-sharing services that let people get around on their busy schedules without having to drive themselves. While simply "catching a cab" is a phrase from the past the service is still one people need today. Catching a Yellow Cab in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio may be about to get a bit more difficult.

I've been to Houston, Austin, and San Antonio many times. I've needed a cab at one time or another in each city. When my family flys into Houston for a weekend down in Galveston, or when they land in Austin for the holidays, they've needed a cab to finish their trip each time.

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Yellow Cab Files for Bankruptcy in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio reports that Yellow Cab has filed for bankruptcy in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. So if you are not familiar with rideshares like Uber, Lyft, Ola, or others, this summer may be a good time to start. Things could look pretty different later this year as we learn about in the video below.

Rideshare company zTrip is said to be agreeing with Yellow Cab to buy up its assets as part of the filing. zTrip CEO Bill George says he sees the opportunity as a chance to expand Yellow Cab but has said they do not plan to disrupt the service.

Instead of a Yellow Cab, Look for a zTrip Vehicle

While Yellow Cab could quickly become a thing of the past, being able to "catch a cab" certainly will not. While the familiar old yellow taxis may be going away, that simply means we will have a new vehicle to get used to. One that will likely come with more tech-like connectivity and more places to use and charge wireless devices while riding to your destination.

This Will Not Be That Hard

Let's all get off a plane and hop into a cab and take a look around. Most of us would probably recommend the cab needs an upgrade. See, this won't be so bad. If the filling goes through, riders could see a transition from Yellow Cab to zTrip vehicles by September and October in South Texas.

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