Drivers cruising down I-35 in Fort Worth passed a scary scene Sunday afternoon.

Before hopping on the road, the driver of a pickup truck failed to properly secure their trailer hauling a boat. As the truck traveled down I-35 in Fort Worth it crashed causing it to hop on top of a concrete barrier.

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The truck came to an abrupt stop when it smashed into one of the concrete columns. However, the boat in the back continued to create damage. Due to improper securing, the boat detached from the trailer and slid forward; smashing over the top of the truck, nearly missing the driver.

Traffic was blocked for hours as traffic passing by witnessed the wrecked truck teetering on top of the barrier and the detached boat feet in front of the truck.

Luckily, the driver was uninjured however, this is a reminder that properly securing trailers is vital. I've witnessed the catastrophe caused by improper securing.


As I was driving up the Corpus bridge I noticed a truck hailing 2 jetskis in the lane next to me. My heart rate increased as I envisioned a couple of Final Destination scenes in my head, and then that's when it happened.

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One of the jetskis unraveled from the trailer and slid off, plummeting right into traffic on the bridge. Cars began to quickly swerve and try to dodge the jetski. It was terrifying and luckily no one was seriously injured but it's just another reminder of what can happen when objects are not properly secured.

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