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What's up with wild cats getting out and about in Texas these days?

First, it was the biggest news story in Dallas over the weekend when the Dallas Zoo announced it had to close it'd door to find a missing snow leopard. Thankfully the leopard was found safe within the zoo compound.

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A terrifying cat was caught on the RING camera.

Now a family in Frisco Texas says they were " terrified to leave their home" when their Ring security camera captured a bobcat sitting on top of a Texas family's backyard fence. Check this out... the terrifying cat was chilling on the fence in plain daylight.

Youtube/TextScreen News
Youtube/TextScreen News

The family received a motion alert notification from their Ring camera that had detected that the cat wasn't concerned about the area. It jumped on the fence and took some time to look around in the family's backyard.

Check out the Brief TV video on Youtube.

The family offered that when they saw the footage of the wild cat, they were scared to go outside. 

"I was terrified to go outside and didn't leave my house that day," one of the family members, Jessica Carlsen, said, according to a Ring press release. "I wasn't sure if there were multiple bobcats or just one. The first day there was just one."

Closeup of a playful Bobcat Kitten learning how to stalk it's prey.

But wait, there is more!

The very next day, the family reports that two bobcats showed up and stayed outside the home, this time they stayed in the area of the home for a few days too.

Like a snow leopard, Texas bobcats are not necessarily dangerous to humans, HOWEVER, precautions should always be taken if they are around your home, and pets, especially small pets are the most at risk for harm.

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