A parent's worst nightmare unfolded on the first day of school at the Katy Independent School District.  According to KHOU, a Texas mother is furious after her 5-year-old son was dropped off at the wrong bus stop and left wandering around a neighborhood for 45 minutes alone on Wednesday, August 16 – the first day of school. The mother, Nadine Penn, told the KHOU she "panicked" after her son didn't show up at his bus stop. Luckily, a family found him and returned him to his school, but his mom said it could’ve ended so much worse. Penn is hoping to find the family that helped her son out so she can give them thanks.  The little boy is named CJ and tried to explain, see what he had to say here.

Katy ISD has released this statement in response to the situation:

"The safety of our students is of the utmost importance. Upon learning of the situation, the District took swift action — remaining in constant communication with the family and the contracted bus company that services the route. This includes reviewing protocols and expectations with the company to prevent future incidents, as well as having district level personnel monitor dismissal and bus picks-up today at the campus to ensure those expectations are met and that all students feel comfortable and safe while utilizing bus services."

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