This one is for all you fans of Christmas, oh yeah, and wine!  Check out this great idea for a road trip to Grapevine, Texas. According to KLAQ, the experience takes place on the railroad’s authentic 1920s-era trains which are decorated with a holiday theme. The train passes through some of the most gorgeous parts of the area, all while you are sipping some Texas wine and enjoying entertainment onboard and yes, Santa makes an appearance.  The last one is scheduled for Thursday, December 15th.

Here are the pricing packages that are available:

General Admission (Wheelchair Accessible)

$45 per person (Ages 21+), price includes:

Two (2) 4-ounce glasses* of fine Texas wine from a Grapevine Winery Tasting Room;

Souvenir wine glass;

Individually portioned savory bites with dessert (Vegetarian/Gluten-free option available);

Grapevine branded poly bag with promotional items and a complimentary bottle of water;

*Additional wine available for purchase

Premier Class (Not wheelchair accessible) – Grapevine Only


$360 per table - seating for four (4) people (Ages 21+), price includes (for each guest):


Hot plated meal (Vegetarian/Gluten-free option available);

Three (3) 4-ounce glasses* of fine Texas wine from a Grapevine winery tasting room;

Souvenir wine glass;

*Additional wine available for purchase

Get more ticket information by clicking here. 

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