While this story is a couple of years ago, it is still a pretty harsh prank! Denise Ann Hernandez, 54, of Athens,  Texas was originally arrested on two counts of assault causing bodily injury. Why was she arrested? She put a colon-cleansing medicine in her co-workers’ drinks. Denise agreed to 18 months of deferred adjudication.

According to the original article posted by KWTX, the assault happened on or about April 27, 2021, in the Smith County Courthouse. An arrest warrant was issued on May 26 and Hernandez was arrested on June 2021 on two charges of assault causing bodily injury and held on a total bond amount of $20,000. She bonded out the same day.


"They say she then placed a canister of colon cleanse on the counter and started making fun of them for drinking it and singing, “You just drank colon cleanser!” in a childish manner." The next day, Hernandez continued to make fun of the women, one of whom had a medical condition that was made worse by the colon cleanse liquid. The affidavit said she experienced pain, as well as the embarrassment inflicted by Hernandez. She said that she was afraid to say anything because Hernandez was a bully and she didn’t want to lose her job. Read more from the affidavit by clicking here. Maybe she went a little too far?

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